FRP Doors


Introduction :

Intoducing a new style statement for your bathrooms and terrace. The general polyster resin fiber glass coating makes it 100% water resistant. The FRP doors are meant to be completely custom designed.

They offer freedom for painting, exact sizing and designing with no maintenance.

Bulk quantity can be delivered as per your desired design and shade.

Construction :

The Making : The moulded 1.5mm thick FRP skin over the core material forms a sandwich panel. The compatibility to accessories like handles, locks, stoppers etc. is enhanced through essential wooden support.

Fixing properties are as durable as conventional doors.

35mm is the standard door thickness. The range varies from 25mm to 40mm. Available sizes are : 25mm, 30mm, 32mm, 35mm, 38mm, 40mm.

Available in a wide range of colours and self pigmentation, can be spray-painted as per requirement.

Free from swelling, warping or splitting with good impact resistance.

FRP doors have significantly lower coefficient of thermal expansion as compared to PVC & wooden doors, allowing doors and frames to be manufactured to right tolerance. When filled with high density foam, the doors also have excellent thermal and sound insulation characteristics. Doors with fire retardant properties can also be manufactured.


Salient Features :

  • Best alternative for wooden bath / WC frames and shutters
  • Most cost effective than wood and PVC doors
  • Easy to install
  • More compatible to hinges and fittings than PVC doors
  • Extremely light weight (1kg/sq.ft.)
  • Many color options, easy to paint
  • Avaiable in standard and custom sizes
  • Compatible with wooden and metal frames
  • No ageing due to sunlight, thus looks new even after many years
  • High aesthetic value due to panel type design
  • high compression strength due to Polyol foam