Door Cores

Many door cores are widely accepted across the Globe. Popular among them are Particle Board, Tubular Board and Paper Honey Comb. These cores have better properties like sound insulation, fire resistant, impact resistance compared to traditional solid core.

Tubular Board Core – These doors are popular because their stability & durability makes them exceptional for all general purposes.

Honeycomb Core – Honeycomb Core doors are light weight internal doors and are useful for residential and office purposes mostly n high rise structures.

Timber Core – These are the most conventional door cores that have solid wood as a filler. They are heavy and are suitable for outdoor applications.

MORYA DOORS assembled with these cores produces perfect surface finish and thickness precision.


Instructions for Stacking / Painting/ Staining

  • Doors must be stored in a flat and dry surface.
  • Doors must not be exposed to direct sunlight, rain or water.
  • Doors can be trimmed up to 10mm on all sides.
  • Mildly sand with fine sand paper and wipe the surface clean.
  • For painting use normal acrylic – latex paints or alkyl based enamel paints. Alternatively for staining use acrylic – latex primer and add the stain close to the final coat.
  • Allow 8hrs to 10hrs after first coat of paint/stain.
  • Coat with a PVC based stain. Repeat one or two coats till the final desired finish is achieved.