Shuttering / Film Faced Plywood: (IS : 4990)

Shuttering jobs for construction projects call for AGNI Shuttering Plywood that can take a lot of load and is also resistant to borer, termite and other marine organisms. Agni Shuttering Plywood is BWP grade and fully powder proof. Special Bonding treatments protect it from moisture and keep it new even in concrete finish. This plywood resists alternative wetting & drying conditions and is very economical when we consider its re-use value. AGNI Shuttering Plywood is used in all kinds of shuttering and centering work in construction of buildings, dams, bridges, beams and roofings. This can also be used in outdoor furniture, prefabs, kiosks, facia as well as storage silos for grains, vehicle seats, bus & truck bodies, Railway Coaches.

AGNI Film Faced Plywood is a special form of shuttering plywood, which is made with 100 % Gurjan Hardwood and Imported Dynea Black or Brown Film on both sides to ensure a mirror look and smooth surface for shuttering purposes. This helps save time and labour of replastering. It is bonded with specially formulated Phenolic resin, which protects it from moisture and keeps it new even in concrete finish. It is also used in manufacturing furniture and panel inserts.

Standard Sizes:

2440 mm X 1220 mm 2440 mm X 920 mm
2140 mm X 1220 mm 2140 mm X 920 mm
1840 mm X 1220 mm 1840 mm X 920 mm

Standard Thickness:

6mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 25 mm



Technical Data:

Agni Shuttering / Film Faced Plywood: (IS:4990)

1. Density (KG/m3) 825 KG/m3
2. Moisture Content 8-10 %
3. Static Bending Strength :
I. Modulus of Elasticity (N/mm2)
a) Along the Grain
b) Across the Grain


4. Tensile Strength (Kg/cm2)
(Sum of both directions)
>650 Kgs
5. Glue shear strength ( In dry State ) >1400 N